Hot Tub Pre-Delivery Instructions:

When selecting the site for your Hot Tub and possible gazebo please take into account the following:

There may be certain restrictions and/or requirements that are particular to your locality. If in doubt, check with your local Council.

Security regarding young children, are they in view when using the Hot Tub?

How close to where you change or disrobe?

Where is the sunny position, what time of day?

Avoid overlooked locations therefore creating privacy.

Shelter from prevailing winds as this can result in lower operating and maintenance costs.

Where is the electrical supply run from that is required for the Hot Tub supply? How do you run the cable to bury it?

Where is the hose to fill and drain the Hot Tub? Where to drain the water to?

Year round suitability of the Hot Tub hard standing surface and its maintenance.

Is your selected spot accessible, therefore will the Hot Tub go through on the delivery trolley?

What view do you want to enjoy from the Hot Tub?

What ground works are required for a solid, level base?

Hot Tub Base:

You must allow 1 metre clearance for access to the Hot Tubs access panels, for servicing.

The site you select for your Hot Tub MUST be a flat, level, continuous surface that contacts the bottom of your Hot Tub fully.

Your new Hot Tub weighs between 1100 and 1900 KGs (according to model) when full plus the weight of 6/7 persons and therefore a solid support is essential.

A 10 to 15cm thick reinforced concrete slab is ideal but not necessarily required. In most cases your Hot Tub can be mounted on existing patios which have adequate foundations for the Hot Tub loading. If in doubt consult an expert.

It is recommended that you install your Hot Tub at ground level, which allows easy access to equipment.

The base should be at least the size of the overall Hot Tub - see sizes on the technical data sheets. Note - If preparing a new location it may be worth extending the hard standing around your Hot Tub. This will allow good access for both maintenance and person entry, plus avoiding soil splash from water coming over the Hot Tub edge. Also, you may want to purchase a gazebo that also requires a level hard standing.

Select an anti-slip surface for wet feet.

Needs to be a durable waterproof finish.

Avoid over hanging foliage that causes algae on the Hot Tub cover and makes the hard standing slippery.

Delivery and passageway:

The Hot Tub will arrive as a unit and cannot be dismantled.

Ideally the Hot Tubs will be placed on a special trolley either on its side or on its base.

Take note of the your Hot Tub dimensions and make sure to add these to the relevant height, width and length of the trolley it will be transported on (see diagram below).

Soft ground, gradients or one or two steps must be ramped and boarded out by the buyer prior to delivery.

It is very difficult to manoeuvre the Hot Tub up or down long flights of steps. If steps are involved please contact Mr Tubby Ltd for further advice.

Ensure there is sufficient width throughout the route, considering any gateways and all turns especially right angles. The Hot Tub on its trolley must be able to get around these.

Walk the route with a tape measure and check that any protrusions or height restrictions will not effect the route taken by the Hot Tub and trolley. Beware of central heating vents and ducts, electric/gas meter housings, rainwater gutters and soil downpipes, low branches and foliage.

If installation cannot be achieved via the specialist trolley system then either yourself or Mr Tubby Ltd can arrange for a crane lift of the Hot Tub into your required location at extra cost. Call for advice.

Hot Tub Delivery Trolley:

Mr Tubby Hot Tub Delivery Trolley

Electrical connections:

All Hot Tubs require a dedicated 240 volt, RCD protected electrical circuit that is permanently hard wired to the mains supply. Check the spa specification regarding the power (e.g. 32 amp, 45 amp supply).

Extension cords and plug-in type connectors must not be used. No other appliances or lights should be connected to this circuit

At the site where the Hot Tub is to be located, a local isolator must be placed 2 metres away from the Hot Tub. 5 metres of cable should then be left for the final connection of the Hot Tub.

All electrical wiring to a Hot Tub MUST be installed by a qualified, licensed electrician and approved by local building/electrical inspectors or by a qualified ‘Part P’ approved company.

Mr Tubby Ltd has ‘Part P’ approved electrical engineers to carry out all electrical services, please call to discuss your requirements. Note - This could be in the form of total installation, or maybe the buyer laying and burying the cable whilst building the hard standing, then Mr Tubby installing the RCD, local isolator, making all connections and relevant testing and certifications.

Water should always drain away from the Hot Tub. DO NOT locate your Hot Tub in a low run-off area since rain or melting snow could flood the area and cause pump and equipment damage.

DO NOT locate your Hot Tub near or under overhead cables, and clear of all electrical appliances.

Any other specific questions please call!