Hi all, whilst DHL & Royal Mail are working we are shipping parts, chemicals etc daily. Thanks, Mr Tubby Team.


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Mr Tubby Ltd - The Neptune Model Hot Tub/Spa.

A brand new 2017 model - 2.3m, 5/6 seater with 2 loungers, 4 pumps and 61 chrome hydro jets for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Comes with Waterline LED light's, BALBOA USA luxury programmable control system inc. waterproof MP3 input, plus durawood surround and matching steps.

CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE! - Pick it up, or have the spa delivered and fully installed including the final electrical connection by our spa engineer - its up to you!

This Mr Tubby Neptune hot tub colour is LUCITE Black Marble. The exact colour and spa that can been seen in the pictures below.

Our Business and our Principles:

  •  All listed items are in stock for immediate delivery, they have been uncrated, quality inspected and totally wet tested
  • You are welcome to come and view plus test the spa before you buy - the pictures you see below are of the ACTUAL SPA, not manufacturers example & promotional pictures. If you cant see the spa, be careful......
  • We are a UK Ltd Hot Tub company and a business seller on Ebay. Please see below for company number and VAT registration, including both land line & mobile customer support telephone numbers and business address.
  • All warranty and future maintenance calls are answered by our Electrical Spa Engineer. In addition all parts and spares are stocked for support of your hot tub (its an expensive purchase and you need support both inside and beyond a warranty!) The Ebay feedback system is valuable for the supply of an item, unfortunately there is nothing for after sales/service.......
  • A bit of advice - before buying your spa, Google the company name - the forums reveal the truth about some companies...... People tend to write about bad experiences....
  • To date we have NEVER just carried out a 'KERBSIDE' delivery as we are a specialist installation company, although we have now broken the costs down as some ebay customers prefer to see this when comparing companies.

    For those buyers considering Kerbside Delivery:
    If you do decide on Mr Tubby's kerbside only package, remember your Spa will have been quality inspected and wet tested prior to being delivered to you on a specialist Spa Delivery system. When comparing companies who offer a "kerbside" option, please check that you are not simply taking delivery of the 'shipped crate', having never been inspected or wet tested? Inspecting a crate for quality & damage to the hot tub is not possible, then there's moving the 7/8ft square crate weighing 300+ kg's to its final destination! If the spa does not work quite right when you wire it up then run it, who's fault is it? - the installer/electrician (YOU),  the shipper, or the manufacturer?. Will the warranty still be valid?

The collection package price includes:

  • Deluxe spa (Lucite USA shell with extra's including chrome jets, 20 x Waterline LED lights with 60 LED programmable main light, Balboa USA control system, durawood surround, extra cabinet panel and floor insulation to minimise your running costs)
  • Professional electrical configuration of the spa to suit 16 amp or 32 amp supply according to your requirements
  • Free Insulated Marine Grade cover
  • Free Matching Durawood steps

Delivery and installation of your hot tub, *from £300:

  • Delivery of the spa to your address and offloading. The spa will be shrink wrapped for protection.
  • Positioning of the spa from the driveway and into its final location using a specialist delivery system
  • Filling with water
  • Electrical connection of the spa to your local isolator switch
  • Fixing of the insulated hood brackets to the cabinet
  • Working demonstration of how to use your spa including the programmable controls
  • Large Chemical Starter Pack
  • Chemical dosing of your spa plus explanation of ongoing water treatment
  • Technical overview of the spa components (should you ever have an issue with a spa, it helps diagnose the problem over the phone) e.g. pumps, ozone unit, chlorine feeder system, lights, heating system, main control panel, filtration system.
  • Ongoing maintenance discussion of your new spa.


*£300 within 50 miles of SY10 8PN
£400 within 100 miles of SY10 8PN
£500 within 200 miles of SY10 8PN
£2 per mile after 200 miles (please contact Mr Tubby beyond a 200 mile delivery)

*Please see below for the delivery and installation guidelines and conditions

Neptune Spa Configuration Details:

Configuration Details:
Size: 2280*2180*900 mm          
Material: Acrylic (Fibreglass Reinforcement)
Total Persons – 5/6                     
Lying Positions – 2
Seating Positions - 3/4      
Capacity – 330 gallons                
Weight: 260 kg              
Main Components:                              
Total power jets - 61 Hydro Chrome Jets (a quality selection of hydro jets featuring on/off selection, rotary and needle jets). 11 Air injection jets.

4" single roto spa  jets - 3
4" double roto spa jets - 4
3" rotational spa jets - 3
3" directional spa jests - 2
2" roto spa jets - 31
45mm spa jets - 18
air injection jets - 11

Pumps: 4 off
1 x 0.35HP Whisper Quiet Circulation
2 x 3HP Hydrotherapy Power pumps
1 x 1.25HP Air Blower

20 x Waterline LED lights - programmable and multi-colour
60 LED Underwater Spa Light - programmable and multi-colour

Many hot tubs are installed with either a small footwell light or LED light therefore making the evening experience within the spa dull!
There are current spas being sold with an LED main light and 20 waterline lights BUT they only have one mode and change colour - red/green/blue constantly driving you mad!
We install the market leading spa lighting system that includes a 60 LED 5inch master light with 20 LED waterline lights. All of these lights are in synchronisation with each other with an array of different light colours and modes making the evening hot tub experience one to remember! Simply turn the lights on/off to scroll through the colour and modes.
Ozone Water Purification System
Filtration System:
Active Skim, designed to take either standard pleated paper filter cartridges or the micron filters with an inbuilt antibacterial layer. More information on request.

Water Diverter
Air Regulators - 4    
Balboa Heater - 3KW
Backlit Variable Waterfall

Balboa USA Programmable Control System - waterproof cd/mp3 player input (IPOD in pictures not included),  discrete black stereo marine speakers.

All Weather ABS base
Stainless Steel Ladder Chassis/Frame
Durawood Skirt
Matching Durawood Steps          
Pillows – 4
Fully Insulated High Density Foam Spa Shell plus extra Double Bubble / Double Foil cabinet and floor insulation wrap (locking in all of the heat from the pumps and pipes)
Insulated Cover featuring childproof lock system

We never have pop-up TV's and DVD's as in our opinion, the ones that are being offered as 'free upgrades' are not fit for purpose. We have removed spas with these on as the customer has managed to get their money back from the original spa supplier when they failed with the first week or month, then bought one of our spas. We also remove many when doing service/repairs as they no longer work (cheap car DVD in a wooden or plastic box, one damp CD/DVD and POP!!)
Check the small print on the warranty as they are not usually covered or say only have 3 months cover - THERE IS A REASON........

'Winter-wise' insulated spa cover
Various cover lifter's to suit your space and application

The most important part of your new hot tub is its shell, thats why Mr Tubby only uses Lucite as described below:

Lucite® Makes It Better
There are many reasons why Lucite® cast acrylic is superior to any other material for making quality spas and hot tubs. From color selection, durability and safety to sheer, sparkling beauty, Lucite® delivers the greatest possible value in spa living.

Antimicrobial Protection
A hot tub spa is a wonderful investment in your personal well-being. The soothing warmth of the bubbling water eases away tensions and stress.

Hot tub spas made with Lucite® cast acrylic have always been the easiest to clean. Now Lucite International has taken Lucite® acrylic surfaces to the next level by incorporating Microban® antimicrobial product protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause odor, stains and product degradation. And Microban® won't wear off with time because it's actually built in the hot tub spa's surface.

Why Microban®?

What does this mean to the hot tub or spa owner? While most people are careful about water maintenance, many do not think about the surface area above the water line. Buying a hot tub or spa made from Lucite® cast acrylic with Microban® allows the owner to truly relax and enjoy the investment.

Microban® antimicrobial product protection is used in products throughout the home. From toothbrushes to cutting boards, pillows and socks, to furnace filters, there are a number of products offering this extra protection.

Spa Control System:
Balboa - on - board, what does this mean?
All of our spas are specified with the leading American spa control system from Balboa.
For more on the technical details, please see the company link below:


As your new hot tub will be an expensive purchase, no doubt you will have many questions that we try to answer on the website, but maybe not cover all of them. Therefore please call or e-mail us and its no problem to see the hot tub before you buy:

Contact Us  
  Please call us on:
   01691 683893
   07966 920007 

 or e-mail on:

Should you wish to view this spa at the Mr Tubby warehouse (located near Shrewsbury, Shropshire) please call for an appointment.

  • Every hot tub installed by Mr Tubby will be left in a perfect working condition for you to use immediately.
  • Once installed all hot tubs carry a manufacturers one year (with exception of the structure that carries a 2 year) parts only warranty, providing all manufacturers assembly, care and maintenance instructions are strictly adhered to. This warranty excludes accessories including insulated cover, cover lifter and spa steps.
  • Although unusual, should you experience any problems with your hot tub Mr Tubby will arrange all replacements parts.

Customer support and service

  • Apart from providing excellent quality products at the best possible price, the company is completely dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. If you have any suggestions, comments or any cause for complaint please email us at info@mrtubby.co.uk
  • We will endeavour to reply to you within 48 hours and inform you of what action will be taken.
  • At Mr Tubby we have over 20 years of engineering experience therefore should you ever come across an issue with your hot tub, most are solved via the phone, one to one with a spa service engineer (not an importer!) Should you require further assistence then your local hot tub specialist or Mr Tubby can solve via a site visit.
  • All spares are held at the Mr Tubby premises to ensure continual use of your valued hot tub.


  • On hot tub sales, a 10% deposit is required, then the balance must be paid prior to delivery/collection. Contact us for payment methods available.
  • If Payment is to be made by personal cheque, then we require payment ten days prior to delivery.
  • All cheques should be made payable to ‘Mr Tubby Ltd’.
  • All prices shown include Value Added Tax (VAT) at the statutory rate current at the date of invoice.
  • No property in or title to the goods shall pass from the company to the customer unless and until the customer has made full and complete payment to the company.

If this is your first Hot Tub/Spa purchase then please review the Mr Tubby guidelines that we have included below:

*Mr Tubby Delivery - Hot Tub Pre-Delivery Instructions:

When selecting the site for your Hot Tub and possible gazebo please take into account the following:

  • There may be certain restrictions and/or requirements that are particular to your locality. If in doubt, check with your local Council.
  • Security regarding young children, are they in view when using the Hot Tub?
  • How close to where you change or disrobe?
  • Where is the sunny position, what time of day?
  • Avoid overlooked locations therefore creating privacy.
  • Shelter from prevailing winds as this can result in lower operating and maintenance costs.
  • Where is the electrical supply run from that is required for the Hot Tub supply? How do you run the cable to bury it?
  • Where is the hose to fill and drain the Hot Tub? Where to drain the water to?
  • Year round suitability of the Hot Tub hard standing surface and its maintenance.
  • Is your selected spot accessible, therefore will the Hot Tub go through on the delivery trolley?
  • What view do you want to enjoy from the Hot Tub?
  • What ground works are required for a solid, level base?

Hot Tub Base:

  • Its ideal to allow 1 metre clearance for access to the Hot Tubs access panels, for servicing (but sometimes not realistic! Therefore 40cm is sufficient to get access for inspection and minor works. If less than this clearance then worst case is that in the future should you need access to a particular side then you will have to drain down, and push the tub over).
  • The site you select for your Hot Tub MUST be a flat, level, continuous surface that contacts the bottom of your Hot Tub fully.
  • Your new Hot Tub weighs between 1900 and 3500 KGs (according to model) when full plus the weight of 6/7 persons and therefore a solid support is essential.
  • A 10 to 15cm thick reinforced concrete slab is ideal but not necessarily required. In most cases your Hot Tub can be mounted on existing patios which have adequate foundations for the Hot Tub loading. If in doubt consult an expert.
  • It is recommended that you install your Hot Tub at ground level, which allows easy access to equipment.
  • The base should be at least the size of the overall Hot Tub - see sizes on the technical data sheets. Note - If preparing a new location it may be worth extending the hard standing around your Hot Tub. This will allow good access for both maintenance and person entry, plus avoiding soil splash from water coming over the Hot Tub edge. Also, you may want to purchase a gazebo that also requires a level hard standing.
  • Select an anti-slip surface for wet feet.
  • Needs to be a durable waterproof finish.
  • Avoid over hanging foliage that causes algae on the Hot Tub cover and makes the hard standing slippery.

Delivery and passageway:

  • The Hot Tub will arrive as a unit and cannot be dismantled.
  • Ideally the Hot Tubs will be placed on a special trolley either on its side or on its base.
  • Take note of the your Hot Tub dimensions and make sure to add these to the relevant height, width and length of the trolley it will be transported on (see diagram below).
  • Soft ground, gradients or one or two steps must be ramped and boarded out by the buyer prior to delivery.
  • It is very difficult to manoeuvre the Hot Tub up or down long flights of steps. If steps are involved please contact Mr Tubby Ltd for further advice.
  • Ensure there is sufficient width throughout the route, considering any gateways and all turns especially right angles. The Hot Tub on its trolley must be able to get around these.
  • Walk the route with a tape measure and check that any protrusions or height restrictions will not effect the route taken by the Hot Tub and trolley. Beware of central heating vents and ducts, electric/gas meter housings, rainwater gutters and soil downpipes, low branches and foliage.
  • If installation cannot be achieved via the specialist trolley system then either yourself or Mr Tubby Ltd can arrange for a crane lift of the Hot Tub into your required location at extra cost. Call for advice.

Hot Tub Delivery Trolley:
Mr Tubby Hot Tub Delivery Trolley

Electrical connections:

  • All Hot Tubs require a dedicated 240 volt, RCD protected electrical circuit that is permanently hard wired to the mains supply. Check the spa specification regarding the power (e.g. 32 amp, 45 amp supply).
  • Extension cords and plug-in type connectors must not be used. No other appliances or lights should be connected to this circuit
  • At the site where the Hot Tub is to be located, a local isolator must be placed 2 metres away from the Hot Tub. 5 metres of cable should then be left for the final connection of the Hot Tub.
  • All electrical wiring to a Hot Tub MUST be installed by a qualified, licensed electrician and approved by local building/electrical inspectors or by a qualified ‘Part P’ approved company.
  • Mr Tubby Ltd has ‘Part P’ approved electrical engineers to carry out all electrical services, please call to discuss your requirements. Note - This could be in the form of total installation, or maybe the buyer laying and burying the cable whilst building the hard standing, then Mr Tubby installing the RCD, local isolator, making all connections and relevant testing and certifications.
  • Water should always drain away from the Hot Tub. DO NOT locate your Hot Tub in a low run-off area since rain or melting snow could flood the area and cause pump and equipment damage.
  • DO NOT locate your Hot Tub near or under overhead cables, and clear of all electrical appliances.
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