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Jets & Air Jets

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Mr Tubby uses the RD range of jets for its hot tubs as the age old issue of them 'popping out' is eliminated as they all screw-in. Many hot tubs in the market use the twist and click in type. Over time the lugs become brittle and therefore pop out! You have two options, buy a Mr Tubby hot tub, or your jets may be upgradeable by using the screw-in adapter along with the new jet. Either give us a call or email photos of your jet and the body (the part that fix's into the shell).
We have fitted RD jets into a Waterway jet body, plus identical upgrade for Arctic Spas jets, Vita Spas, Canadian Spas and many Spaform tubs.
Sizes available include 2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5". Plus we have hundreds of jets over the years that we have not got around to list on our site so worth a call or email.....