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Spa Chlorine Granules are rapid dissolving and are
specifically formulated to disinfect Spa and Hot Tub
water, they have a minimal effect on the pH value of the
water. Spa Stabilised Chlorine Granules are ideal for daily
disinfection of the water.
1. Maintain the pH balance between 7.4 – 7.6.
2. Test the water with a CHLORINE test kit, the ideal reading for free
chlorine is 2 – 3ppm.
3. On START UP and COMISSIONING of new water, use this
product to Shock Dose the water to a minimum of 20 PPM with
circulation / blowers on and all covers off.
4. To increase to the Free Chlorine reading by 1ppm add 2g of Spa
Stabilised Chlorine Granules per 1000lts of water.
5. Spa Chlorine Granules can be added directly to the water with
circulation running and water temperature above 20°C.
6. Re-test for Free Chlorine on a daily basis and after bathing.
7. It is recommended to add Spa Non-Chlorine Shock on a weekly
basis to help with the oxidisation process (reduction in
8. If you experiences difficulties please contact your local dealer.
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